Do You Need Professional Help? 5 Great Tips You Don’t Get Burned

April 5, 2017 Video Tutorial 0 Comments

I’m a big fan of business owners producing their own video but sometimes when the stakes are high, you might need professional help. Stay tuned while I reveal some great tips on ensuring that you don’t get burned. 

We all understand that the most precious resource we have as business owners is time. While making your own video normally appears to be the most cost effective method of production, it can sometimes be counterintuitive. Even with all the tools available these days, it can still be pretty time consuming, especially if you’re trying to produce something that is going to represent your brand. The end result might not be quite what you’d hoped. Sometimes the opportunity cost of doing DIY videos is just too great, especially when you can’t guarantee that your skills will match your own expectations.

When you do decide that you need professional help, how can you ensure that you get the outcome that you really want? Check out these five great tips so that you don’t get burned:

1. Paying more money doesn’t guarantee

Well, the first thing to note is that paying more money doesn’t guarantee a better result, especially when using independent freelancers. I have seen some shocking videos produced by guys demanding $200 per hour for unedited video.

2. Ask as many questions

When you are approaching either a video production company or a videographer directly, ask them as many questions as you can think of and make sure you know how they operate. Check to see if they understand the style that you want and whether they have any specialist skills that your video will need, such as animation, green screen, visual effects.

3. Relay as much information

Also, relay as much information to your video crew in advance so that they understand the nature and purpose of the shoot. A good production company will extract this information from you anyway, but a freelancer may be a little more reactionary.

4. Communication is key

Communication is a key quality to watch out for as a lack of key pieces of information being exchanged may be an indicator of disorganisation. They will need a lot of information, especially regarding the end goal or ultimate vision that is locked away in your head. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.

5. Ask for examples of previous work

The obvious things that you should be doing when selecting a videographer is to ask for examples of previous work, as well as testimonials from former clients. Now, not every company would be happy in actually disturbing their happy customers but many good companies will have a few written or video testimonials that they will be only too happy to show you.

But whatever you do, don’t just go for the cheapest or the closest or even the most expensive. You need to ensure that you are selecting someone that is right for the task and understands your needs.