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The demand on your business to produce video content for social media is ever increasing… never ending in fact! And if, like so many, you’re just not doing it then you are losing clients to your competitors.

We take that pressure off you by working with you to produce amazing, high quality video, designed specifically for social media, that tells your brand’s story in the way it was meant to be told.

Unlike most video production companies, at Zero K we have a wealth of experience in paid and organic digital marketing. We apply that knowledge to the videos we create for you, so instead of walking away with a few videos, we provide you with an average of 5 times the content that you would normally receive, all specifically designed to attract your perfect client in to the network of videos we supply you.


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Darren Burgess

Founder of Zero K Productions

Darren holds a Master’s Degree in Business and has multiple years of experience in video production and digital marketing and has built multiple 7 figure businesses during his corporate career. He has managed and worked in various businesses in many different industries over the past 25 years. With this experience and unique skill set, you can be sure that your needs as a business will be met to the highest of standards. At Zero K we understand the importance of a timely, quality delivery; you can be sure your project will be given the priority it deserves.

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